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Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet Orange Oil

A beautiful orange grove is a joy to behold and a delight to smell. The fresh, sweet citrusy aroma can make you feel as if you are eating the most delectable fruit straight from the tree. The sweet orange tree gives us three types of essential oils. Petigrain oil comes from the foliage of the tree, Neroli oil is developed from the flowers and then the orange peels themselves give us a beautiful, full bodied essential oil.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil improves the mood, calms anxiety and lifts the spirits. This wonderful oil can also stimulate circulation, aid in digestion and help to maintain healthy, youthful skin. Sweet Orange Essential Oil will help boost collagen production and reduce skin puffiness and blemishes. This oil also works in harmony with many other essential oils and flowery scents or floral waters.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil has many health benefits as will as domestic cleaning application, but it is also wonderful to cook with. Orange oil is surprisingly inexpensive; so because of its many uses, it is a good choice when deciding which oils to buy.

Don't forget that the fresh scent of Sweet Orange Essential Oil is a good remedy nausea during pregnancy, and it has no side effects other than the possibility of a photo-toxic effect on the skin so Sweet Orange Essential Oil should be avoided as a topical skin application if you are planning on being exposed to the sun.

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