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Monday, June 28, 2010

Often Over Looked

Everyone seems to know that Mandarin is a member of the orange family and originated in China, however Essential oil of Mandarin is often over looked as an important oil to use for mental strain, mental exhaustion and stress, especially in the work place. A really great advantage to this wonderful oil is that it can safely be used during all stages of Pregnancy. Pressed from the peels, Essential oil of Mandarin emits a flowery, sweet aroma which seems to be especially popular with children.

Some women who suffer from PMS have found that Essential Oil of Mandarin eases their distress prior to and during menstruation. This is also a beneficial oil to use in the prevention of stretch marks, combine 50 drops of Essential Oil of Mandarin with one half cup of your favorite massage oil such as almond, coconut or even extra virgin olive oil and gently massage into the breasts and abdomen every evening before retiring.

You can lighten the sober, sterile atmosphere of a hospital with a few drops of mandarin oil in a spritzer or spray bottle, help to chase away the septic odor common in hospital rooms. Essential oil of Mandarin can also help lift the feelings of anxiety and nervousness as well as the the tension of contracting muscles.

Remember that Essential oil of Mandarin is slightly yellow and can leave a residue on materials. If you apply Essential oil of Mandarin to the skin, be sure to avoid any direct exposure to the sun for a minimum of 6 hours after application because skin that has been treated with Essential oil of Mandarin can develop stubborn brown spots when exposed to the rays of the sun of tanning beds.