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Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Old Beginning For A New Year

Using Essential Oils has been a soothing way to maintain good health and well-being for centuries. Creating a old beginning for a new year is easier than you might imagine.

For instance, Lavender is much more than just a calming scent, it can also heal an amazing variety of ailments. The combination of compounds that make up lavender contribute to it legendary healing powers.

Lavender contains up to 50% of the alcohol linalol. Linalol is the property that helps to kill bacteria as well as many viruses. It also is the compound that helps to quickly heal burns, wounds and many types of sores.

Lavender also contains a high number of ketones, about 30%, which help to relieve pain and build new skin tissues. These ketones can also reduce inflammation.

Esters are found in Lavender as well. Esters are the compounds that ease swelling, tenderness and swelling. Esters are responsible for helping to prevent muscle spasms. They also are very effective at fighting fungal infections.

Lavender is one of the essential oils that can be used undiluted, even on sunburns!

For a fantastic jump start on the New Year, look to the effective use of essential oils.

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