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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Essential Oil of Bergamot

Many people wonder what Bergamot Oil is and where it comes from. We most likely have Columbus to thank for transporting the Bergamot tree from it native home in the Canary Islands to Italy. The fruit of the Bergamot tree is inedible and is very bitter, however the essential oil which is pale emerald green in color and has a slightly sweet, almost lemon/orange scent is very useful in aromatherapy.
Bergamot Oil is most commonly known for it's culinary use in Earl Grey teas giving it a wonderful flavor and delightful aroma.
Bergamot Oil has strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties and can help treat such things as urinary tract infections. This wonderful oil is restorative and can help you combat fatigue due to stress or illness. When it is combined with essential oil of lime is can help to counter depression. Bergamot has also been very effective in the treatment of acne and many insect bites, as well as helping to clear up cold sores. Bergamot Oil can help ease the discomfort of chicken pox especially when combined with the drying power of eucalyptus oil.
Like many citrus based essential oils, Bergamot oil is considered to be photo toxic. When you use regular Bergamot Oil, or any citrus based oil, for that matter, avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight for at least 4 to 6 hours following the application; exposure to the sun may lead to skin discoloration, blistering or even severe burning.
If you are concerned about any particular essential oil and any reaction you might have to it, always do a patch test. Simply apply 1 to 2 drops of the oil in question to the inside of your wrist of the forearm and then check the spot for any redness or irritation after an hour or two has gone by.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Create A Yummy Complexion & Soft Hands

Sometimes the simplest ingredients from your kitchen can be used to make the nicest feeling, younger looking skin. For instance, the following ingredients can be used to create a great facial treatment that will leave your skin smooth and soft. Mix thoroughly 1/2 cup of baking cocoa powder with 3 Tablespoons of heavy whipping cream, 1/4 cup of raw honey, 8 drops of essential oil of English Lavender and 2 tablespoons old fashion rolled oats that have been finely crushed. Gently rinse face with warm, not hot, water and then apply mixture evenly to face. Lie back and relax for 10 to 15 minutes and then gently wash off with warm water and soft cloth.

Next concentrate on your hands; mix 1/2 cup of raw, granulated sugar with 1/4 of sea salt, 5-6 drops of English Lavender and 1 tablespoon of good, extra virgin olive oil. Cover hands with mixture and gently massage into each hand making sure to involve the wrists. Let stand on hands for 5-6 minutes and then rinse off under warm, running water. This will help to soften and deep clean the skin and nails.

What a fun activity for a girls night in!