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Monday, December 27, 2010

Quick Relief For "Pain in the Butt"

Many people suffer from lower back pain, especially in the area of the sacrum causing the common complaint of sciatica. The symptoms of this condition can be a cramping sensation of the thigh or shooting pains from the buttocks spreading down the legs. Sometimes, there can be tingling, or a pins/needles sensation in the legs and thighs as well as some complaints of deep and sometimes severe pain starting low on one side of the back.

The cold weather of winter will sometimes aggravate the sciatic nerve which is the longest and widest single nerve in the human body. This nerve begins in the lower back and runs through the buttock and down the leg. This nerve supplies feelings to the whole skin area of the leg, as well as the muscles of the back of the thigh and the muscles of the leg and foot. Pain that is caused by a compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve by any problems in the lower back is then called sciatica.

As with any major health or pain related problem it is important to be diagnosed by a qualified health care professional. The use of essential oils can greatly reduce this type of pain as well as create healing to the muscles and nerves while at the same time increasing circulation and helping to cool inflamed areas.

One of the most common causes of sciatica is when the nerve is being compressed by the periformis muscle and can be as simple as making sure that you are not sitting on a wallet or other bulges in the back pocket of your trousers. The periformis muscle can also be easily compromised by a fall or other trauma to the hips and buttocks area, causing the muscles to be hypertonic and thereby compressing the nerves.

Compresses with essential oils over the inflames and painful areas would certainly be a part of your treatment strategy. Cold compresses can be very helpful when the area feels warm to the touch. Hot compresses are very soothing for painful areas, but should be alternated with the cold.

Here are just a few of my favorite essential oils to use when plagued with sciatica pain.

German Chamomile has mild analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Geranium is great for all types of neuralgia problems.
Marjoram is a wonderful for relaxing tight, muscles.
Rosemary has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and is antispasmodic.
Black Pepper helps to tone the muscles and reduce swelling to the nerve pathways.
Peppermint is good for cooling inflamed areas and is a great analgesic.

So next time you feel that tight, cramping "pain in the butt" sensation reach for some essential oils to help bring about quick, effective relief.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Rich Aromas of the Holidays

Everyone loves the smells of the holiday season, orange and clove mixed with splashes of cinnamon and nutmeg as well as the fragrant ginger and allspice. Did you ever stop to think that perhaps one of the reasons that these warm and earthy smells are so inviting this time of year is because of the healing properties that they infuse into our beings?

Orange Oil is a harmonious oil that loves to play nicely with other oils. Orange helps to lift the extra tensions that can be found during the winter months, especially around the holidays. This wonderful oil has an invigorating effect and can help increase circulation.

Clove Oil is very effective at killing germs and bacteria. It is also great as an anti-inflammatory agent. During the winter months when house plants will sometimes get an infestation of tiny gnats, clove oil will kill them.

Cinnamon Oil is a great anti-septic and is wonderful for instilling emotional strength, offering peace and composure. Cinnamon Oil also helps to remove dampness and mildew from the air.

Nutmeg helps to increase energy by supporting the adrenal glands. Nutmeg is a wonderful oil for nausea, especially brought about by over eating. Nutmeg is also wonderful for joint pain associated with the cold and flu season.

Ginger's warm and somewhat spicy aroma can help to set a romantic as well as a relaxed mood. It is wonderful for congestion associated with colds and flu. This oil is a wonderful immune booster.

Allspice stimulates the circulation system of the body creating a warming and relaxing effect especially in cases of physical and mental fatigue. The oil can also help to relieve stomachaches and intestinal colic. Allspice is also used to help balance the appetite and give encouragement during times of sadness and grief.

Now that we have talked about a few of the spices of the holidays lets not forget the beautiful fragrance of the stately pine. Pine helps to keep our respiratory passages open and helps promote expectoration when needed. The smell of pine will also relieve swollen nasal mucosa lining, and relieve sore throats. It's cool scent has anti fungal and antiseptic properties. Pine can also be a tremendous help with insomnia.

So perhaps the smells and aromas of the holidays are not just pleasing, they are also extremely beneficial to the overall health and well being of you and your family through the long winter months.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet Orange Oil

A beautiful orange grove is a joy to behold and a delight to smell. The fresh, sweet citrusy aroma can make you feel as if you are eating the most delectable fruit straight from the tree. The sweet orange tree gives us three types of essential oils. Petigrain oil comes from the foliage of the tree, Neroli oil is developed from the flowers and then the orange peels themselves give us a beautiful, full bodied essential oil.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil improves the mood, calms anxiety and lifts the spirits. This wonderful oil can also stimulate circulation, aid in digestion and help to maintain healthy, youthful skin. Sweet Orange Essential Oil will help boost collagen production and reduce skin puffiness and blemishes. This oil also works in harmony with many other essential oils and flowery scents or floral waters.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil has many health benefits as will as domestic cleaning application, but it is also wonderful to cook with. Orange oil is surprisingly inexpensive; so because of its many uses, it is a good choice when deciding which oils to buy.

Don't forget that the fresh scent of Sweet Orange Essential Oil is a good remedy nausea during pregnancy, and it has no side effects other than the possibility of a photo-toxic effect on the skin so Sweet Orange Essential Oil should be avoided as a topical skin application if you are planning on being exposed to the sun.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fighting infections With Nature

Some of the most powerful infection fighters can be created with the concentrated elements of nature. Essential oils will penetrate the skin quickly and pass into the body's tissues without having to go through the digestive process first.
Major studies at several Universities, such as Weber State Unversity in Ogden, Utah as well as Hoshi University in Japan and North Dakota State University have shown that a large number of essential oil components have a tremendous germ-killing effect as well as having the ability to inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus, Micrococcus, Bacillus and Enterobacter strains of bacteria. These and many other compounds found in oils that contain menthol, eucalyptol, linalool and citral exhibit very Strong antimicrobial effects. These oils would include peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, geranium, lemongrass, Tea Tree and oregano.

In this season of joy and celebration we all want to be at our optimal health so why not use some of these and other oils to diffuse into the air, making our living and working spaces healthier and safer as they lift our spirits and magnify a greater frequency within our bodies.

A great recipe for sanitizing the air, while at the same time helping to boost the immune system would be to mix equal parts of peppermint, eucalyptus, geranium, orange, clove and cinnamon. Smells like the holidays and adds many layers of healing too.

Happy Holidays!